At IN FOCUS OPTOMETRY, it is our mission to help you see your best!  Conveniently located inside a Saskatchewan Real Canadian Superstore, we feature state-of-the-art optometry equipment and board certified eye doctors who are all highly experienced and prioritize the overall health of your vision.

Our optometrists are highly trained in the detection and treatment of eye diseases and disorders. If our optometrists detect a problem, they may recommend glasses, contact lenses, ocular exercises, medication or surgery.






Our optometrists can also provide referrals to specialists and can help manage pre and post-surgical eye health.  To ensure optimal eye care, we recommend that everyone should have a complete eye exam every year to check for any change in prescription and early signs of eye disease.

We welcome and thank you for choosing IN FOCUS OPTOMETRY for your vision needs.  We look forward to providing the best possible care and building lasting relationships with our patients.